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Reliable network infrastructure, high performance can greatly influence on increasement of employee productivity, and on achievement of relevant business objectives of the company. Network infrastructure enables connection and communication users and applications / services company. For this reason, in the process of design and implementation of network infrastructure, it is necessary to analyze the way of work and the requirements of specific applications used in network of the company. On this basis, it is necessary to use appropriate technological solutions and functionality that will enable reliable operation and easy control and management of applications.

Our engineers have many years of experience in the design and implementation of network infrastructure. We have implemented various solutions in the context of small, medium and corporate environments that cover following areas and functions:

- Implementation of WAN networks – design of routing protocols, implementation of technology, optimization and compression of network traffic, network traffic encryption VPN solutions, the integration of other segments of network infrastructure development, guarantee the quality of service to key applications, support for network traffic Voice and video services in real time

- Implementation of LAN / Campus Network – the formation of various segments by using VLAN / VRF of functionality, optimization using L2 protocol (RSTP, VTP), the integration of other segments of network infrastructure development, integration of VoIP components, unique access control for various devices

- Realization of the Internet network segment – the realization of different models to connect with Internet service providers (one or two providers, static or dynamic routing BGP), forming and protection zones to accommodate Internet servers, control / balancing Internet applications

- Data center interconnections – Output connections between the Data Center segments at multiple locations users (primary data center, backup, disaster recovery and saliva), the implementation of the protocol for VLAN extension

- Applications Control – Implementation of devices for balancing and control of network traffic applications (TCP / HTTP optimization, compression, SSL termination and the like), protection of applications and servers