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The company DBS has established its ICT team in 2015. The team consists of experienced engineers who have over 10 years experience working with information technologies. The process of planning and implementation of projects is reflected in the design, equipment supply, implementation of solutions, training and 24/7 technical support to the end user.

Business 13 years long, as well as continuous improvement, make DBS recognizable domestic brand with a clear vision and desire of improving the level of services to own clients.

The company represents a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals, who strive to provide our customers provide adequate solutions and services in various fields of information and communication technologies.

The services that DBS provides are based on achieving and fulfilling specific targets of users - implementation, reorganization of the network infrastructure, implementation of new services, forming or expansion of the Data Center environment, optimization, analysis of the status of network infrastructure and system protection and proposals for improvements, equipment maintenance, training.

The expert team of DBS carefully analyze customer requirements, business objectives and status of existing infrastructure at user, and then uses the appropriate contemporary technological solutions and formulate them in order to meet with the user requests on most functional way. To the concrete solutions we get over interaction with the user, taking into account the need to find the right measure and balance between business and technical objectives.

The solutions that we propose are based on the products and recommendations of leading world manufactures from different technological areas - network and data center infrastructure, protection systems for Internet segment, data center and database, web / mail, protection of workstations, application services, virtualization.

Solutions of the expert team of DBS follow described appropriate technical documentation such as:
- technical solutions,
- preliminary and construction designs,
- implementation plan,
- migration plan,
- documentation of executed state, etc.

DBS, in cooperation with the leading world producers of systems and devices for Data Center infrastructure, offers to customers a complete Data Center solutions. Data center is the heart of every company where are critical data and the services important for the business.

Solutions offered by DBS represent an ideal platform for the work and support the unhindered growth of the volume of business companies. Some of the renowned manufacturers of Data Center equipment, on whose systems and devices IMF based its decision, are: Cisco, EMC, IBM, HP, Lenovo and Huawei.