We are able to offer our customers the most modern equipment as well as intelligent and integrated technical solutions in the field of security systems world-known company and a global leader in this area, HONEYWELL SECURITY.
There are several reasons why you should choose Honeywell's security solutions:
1. Reliability - this is the company that exists so long and lasts, with extensive experience and a large number of projects implemented worldwide.
2. Quality - products are characterized by high quality and durability to meet the most demanding customers.
3. Selection - Honeywell works with the best system integrators and thus guarantee customers a quality service.
4. Innovation- Honeywell is at the top with a number of innovations and technical experts. Invests millions of dollars annually in research and development in engineering centers located in the US, China, India, Scotland, Germany, France and the Czech Republic.
Honeywell is a global leader in the development and production:
- System access control
- Intruder alarm system
- System for fire alarm
- A system of video surveillance
- Integrated security solutions
In cooperation with Honeywell-player offering products, technologies, services, and solutions that provide safer, more secure, more efficient and more productive life.

A combination of experience, tradition and modern technologies allows us to have solutions with Honeywell for all aspects of life:
- Retail facilities
- Banking and finance
- Health
- Education
- Traffic
- Entertainment and Sports
- Residential objects
- Business facilities
- Industry / Manufacturing
- Airports
- Sea ports
- Energy
- Municipal services
- Public administration and ministries

Access control systems and evidence of attendance

Honeywell Access Control systems are extremely robust, fast and reliable in all transactions. These systems have a modular hardware architecture and support more formats of cards and card readers, thus allowing maximum flexibility and security. In the world of safety systems very known and very appreciated are Honeywell software packages for access control Winpak and MultiAccess, by which can be integrated alarm burglar systems and video surveillance. Software for evidence of attendance NEW Time thanks to its modular design, has a wide range of applications for small and medium, as well as for large organizations and enterprises from 25 to over 5,000 employees.

Anti-burglar alarm systems

Honeywell is a pioneer in the development of alarm systems. Honeywell company Ademco is the first company in the field of alarm systems that set the standard in this area (eg. Communication protocols Contact ID and Ademco Express) Nowdays systems use the latest technology and integrate protection of objects inside, perimeter protection and elements for the protection of people's lives. Our customers can choose wired, wireless or hybrid solutions in accordance with their needs and desires.

Systems of video surveillance

We offer our clients sophisticated solutions with IP cameras, network video recorders, till intelligent video analytics and systems with video management. Our video systems enable easy transition from analogue to IP technology.

Integrated security solutions

Honeywell is known for its integrative software WINMAG. This is software with an opened architecture and the possibility of free programming that enables the integration of different equipment and applications from different vendors into a unique system. On this way WINMAG displays and control intelligent buildings (manages witc energy power, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and of course all safety systems).
Security systems we integrate with BMS systems for the management of smart buildings. On this way the connection between security systems and heating systems, air conditioning, lighting, IT infrastructure and other technical and technological systems in the building is created.

The benefit provided by the integrated system is:
- Fleksibility – integrated system is highly flexible and adaptable
- Efficiency – it offers a higher level of security, faster response times and ease
- Comfort – systems are operated and controlled from a dynamic graphical user interface