In cooperation with company Gurtam we offer our clients the most advanced solution in the GPS tracking and fleet management domain. Gurtam's product Wialon, which counts over one million tracking objects in its system, meets all the needs of both small and medium-sized companies and large systems that can be challenging with classic tracking software with their numeric and complex structure. The robust platform combination, the constant development of new functions and our dedicated technicians make it possible for you your fleet of vehicles, work machines or various types of stationary facilities control and optimize according to the highest standards of companies from around the world.

-Live site tracking and parameters
-Flexible reporting
-Fuel consumption control
-Driving style
-Alarms and announcements
-Scalability and privileges
-Process Analysis
-Review the tachograph
-Mobile Video Surveillance
-Integration of over 900 models of GPS devices
Depending on the functionality, the number of tracking and cost-effective objects, our partner Gurtam Wialon can be installed locally on your server or leased through Hosting Services. Wialon Local is provided for fleets of 100 and more units and with its modular functions it allows the client to select only those functions that are relevant to the business. On the other hand, Wialon Hosting eliminates the costs of a local server, initial software purchase, installation and administration. In the Wialon Hosting version all data, administration and maintenance are done in the Wialon Data Center, which consists of over 100 most modern servers. Along with the SLA level, Gurtam's Wialon Data Center takes over the technical part of the software so customers can focus on their business.